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One of the hurdles I've had with Foundry is the Terms of Service--I'm not allowed to have a believable Kirk in a time-travel mission because that would require me to create a model that looks like Bill Shatner or Chris Pine.

The simplest way around this restriction--and the one I've used so far--is to use the generic/default model and only manipulate the essentials--hair style, ears, eye color, etc. This will allow the player to interact with a character, and they will know who it is SUPPOSED to be--even if it doesn't actually look like the character we are familiar with.

Recently, I was directed to a website which morphed "old" and "new" actors for each of the core characters. The result is an image that looks like neither actor (although in some cases, features are stronger for one actor over the other) but still looks like the character. Arguably MORE like the *character* than EITHER *actor*.

So, my question is this: If I were to create a Foundry-Kirk modeled after the morphed image--would it be allowed according to the TOS since the new morphed image is not readily identifiable as either actor?

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