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On a side note, I think the morphed Kirk actually looks better than either of the actors who played him. I can't say that for some of the other characters, though.
That was my first thought too!

My impression of the list is that Kirk is a perfect blend; Spock looks more-Quinto; McCoy doesn't look like either (and because of that is probably the worst pic because you wouldn't immediately say "Bones" if you looked at it out-of-context); Sulu is more-Takei; Scotty is Doohan-leaning; Uhura is Saldana-ish; Checkov is a perfect blend, but suffers from the same problem as McCoy; Pike is a perfect blend right up there with Kirk; Kahn is Montalban-leaning, but is the best, because of the drastically differences between the two actors.
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