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09-30-2013, 11:07 PM
Here is the honest truth. I don't see this happening, but here is a fact. Life time subscription cost $300. In zen that is 30,000 zen. At current zen store prices at around 130 dilithium to to one zen it would cost a person 3,900,000 in dilithium. That would allow on character to achieve that amount of dilithium in 487 day, less depending on how many characters the player is able to use and the numbers differ depending on the price of zen.

So let's say a whole lot of players decided to buy zen add cash it in for dilithium. This is how zen gets in the exchange. So player A decides he wants to buy a LTS for 30000 zen. If the zen is there, which is usually the case, the life time subscription is already paid for.

When LTS goes on sale I would not allow the z-store price to change.

While I do not support this, I don't see how Cryptic looses.