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10-01-2013, 08:03 AM
AARGH... that is amazing, how did they do that?

My impression, not that it has any bearing on anything: Spock is Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. To a T. Weird coincidence. McCoy had me looking at the picture from different angles and thinking "I've seen that man somewhere"; anyone know who it is, or am I imagining it? Chekov I didn't know who it was meant to be and had to refer to the list, mind you I haven't seen any of the series he was in so I only know him from that one film. Khan is made up of two such different faces that he's kind of unnerving to look at, I think I'm subconsciously trying to work out where on Earth he comes from - especially as it's such a perfect blend that you can't see it as anything BUT a single really strange face!

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