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Bah, tellarite? Look, Cryptic, you don't NEED to make a ship for every race. Not all the races had navies. Not all had their own warships. Most of the hundreds of planets in the Federation are peaceful and rely on the Federation to protect them.

Tellarites definitely do NOT need a ship in this game. On the other hand, Andorians are a proud warrior race with a long history of self-developed spaceships and warfare. Never heard of this "Andorian Escort" -- but they sure did have Battlecruisers! I'd like to see one of those.
Tellarites are a Founding Race, and yes, they had warships. They were fighting the Andorians with them.

And don't get hung-up on the name "Battlecruiser." What it means in the game and what it means in canon are 2 different things.
STO is about my Liberated Borg Federation Captain with his Breen 1st Officer, Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer, Liberated Borg Engineering Officer, Android Ops Officer, Photonic Science Officer, Gorn Science Officer, and Reman Medical Officer jumping into their Jem'Hadar Carrier and flying off to do missions for the new Romulan Empire. But for some players allowing a T5 Connie to be used breaks the canon in the game.