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To start what were the Romulans to begin with? Vulcans ... they also didnt got transported to Romulus either, they go there in Vulcan ships.

What we have is what Romulan ship design eventually lead, Vulcans appear to be stuck in their 22th century design (if not older) and didnt exactly evolved as much as Romulan design appeared to changed since stealing Starfleet designs or get them from the Klingons to having to work with Singularity Cores, they would not be around making a ship simply to appease the Vulcans in some stupid and idiotic attempt at ... cultural genocide because frankly Romulans have their culture and destroying everything they are to be Vulcans is akin to killing themselves as a culture.

No, Romulans are Romulans ... not Vulcans and I am not saying this as those weird people that want to play a psychopath (AKA "evil", also known as "ebil") that want to go around acting like douches, no ... I am saying this because Romulans are Romulans, not Vulcans and I am not going to flush down their entire culture because now they are "evil", if you think that ... well next time you want to write the year you are instead of 2013, you should write MMXIII (not I think the Arabs are evil, even if when I watch the news when I flipping channels it seems thats what some want to pass them as).
Romulans ...
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