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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Sorry for the misunderstanding. The rules called for an "original, unaltered in-game screenshot", and using demorecord does not "alter" a screenshot. "Unaltered" referred to not using any photoshopping or image manipulation. We wanted to see actual in-game scenes with no post treatment done to the screen that was taken. I will try to include information about using demorecord to take your screenshot, and clarify what "alterations" are, the next time we run the contest.
Totally understand, though I was coming at it from the "is it in-game?" angle.
Sure demo record uses the games rendering engine and program to run, but during a recordings playback you're not actually 'playing the game'. So are you actually still in it?

From that perspective, in my eyes it is an altered shot, getting angles and view points not otherwise available to regular players actually playing the game. If that makes sense.

If demo record is legitimate, all good, just let contestants know so its an even playing field
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