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10-01-2013, 09:07 PM
Two interlinked requests.

1. Off-duty options that aren't robes or 'Kung-Fu' looking tops besides the Mercenary outfits; by this I mean stuff like the vests and shirts and such that the Maguis would wear.

2. Make Off-duty options available for BOffs as well as Captains. This way, we can beam down to New Romulus with our accompanying officer in more appropriate 'working' or 'wilderness' outfits than a uniform; or can outfit our BOffs as Mercenaries to match our Captain; or even just give all our BOffs civilian clothes in case we want to play as a 'New Maquis' to fight the True Way and 'New Dominion'.
I'm beginning to think the current 'two seasons a year' set-up needs to be rethought. It just seems to cause incomplete and bug-infested 'seasons' to be pushed out just to meet an artificial summer/winter deadline when many players would be fine getting one 'season' a year if it meant that it would be a really good one...