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One I had been working on prior to Star Trek: Akiraprise and Nemeshiz:

Story set around 2 vets of the Dominion War (Captain and Commander) who run the main ship of the series. The overall story revolves mostly around those two, but the rest of the main characters AND reoccurring cast have fleshed out backgrounds and play integral parts throughout the entire series. Reoccurring Klingon and Romulan crews would set up the potential for TV movie "one-shots" with THEIR crews, and there would be familiar locals (planets and starbases) that would be revisited time and again, or would eventually serve as command hubs for important events that happen later in the series.

I designed all my own ships. I also created new alien crew members and their cultures, plus added elements to build on already existing ones. The Borg played an important role in the series and I was intent on making them scary again. The new culture(s) encountered were also central to the Borg element, as well as to a new "threat" race.

Basically, I wanted a story that combined all the great elements of previous Trek incarnations with a dash of Babylon 5, and roll it all into one series that had a beginning, a middle and an end.

And that's all I'm going to say about it.

Nemesis and Enterprise introduced elements which run contrary to previous Trek, and consequently, central aspects of my story (example: the existence of Remens, and Orion women being in charge) run contrary to what those two "productions" decided to make as canon. I'm basically just trying to convert my cast and story into something non-Trek so they don't go to waste, HOWEVER, JJ Trek would/could make the concept possible again, just set in the 23rd century and (obviously) w/out the Dominion War.


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JJ Trek was resolved and eliminated by a temporal inversion.
Not possible.

Timelines must continue to exist in order for anyone to know they must go back and change something about them, and even if they were to do that, they would just become stuck in a loop since they are trying to prevent something that supposedly never happens, yet somehow know that it happens and have to prevent nothing from being something even though there is nothing, but there is something, even though there is nothing - INFINITY.

Also, the events shown in the episode Parallels demonstrate that that universe/reality would always exist somewhere in some form in the Trek multiverse.

And what's a "temporal inversion" anyways, aside from more technobable...

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