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10-02-2013, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Battery abilities in general are balanced around either being consumable, or having long cooldown timers. If you can negate both of those simultaneously, as would be the case with a RMC + CD reduction, it'd throw out the need to ever even consider using another type of battery.

I'll investigate this further, but at first glance, it sounds like it's working as intended.
Thanks for at least piping in on this and adding some clarification, Bort!

That said, like a previous poster stated, how about a small reduction? I mean, I purchased one of these doffs thinking it would work with the RMC (And perhaps the EPM) in light of the fact that the Exocomp doff does as well. (Call me KoOkY!!!)

No matter what, some update on the description text would help everyone.

Edit: Since the RMC has a long cooldown already - I think we're being punished enough, hahah)

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