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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
I think ships referred to as "battlecruisers" in the Enterprise era were mostly the size of escorts like the Kumari. The version we have in game is just an updated 25th century version of that ship about the same size so it ends up being classed as an escort.
This guy gets it. Check your stats, the Kumaris we fly are the same size and compliment as the "Battlecruiser" from ENT, the power of creep of history just means they're just escorts now, like how the T34 Tank would be wholly inferior to an Abrams or Merkava now, despite winning a world war in its hayday.

...Which is a shame, because it'd be nice to have a Fed battlecruiser to play like a KDF char, but knowing that you're the comfortable second favorite of the devs and not the adopted step child their girlfriend brought along that they see the kdf as.

I'm all for more andorian ships though, they're my favorite race. And purple kumaris are a crime against god, it's what made me stop flying mine. Give me that metallic texture already, even my trusty Jem Hadar set covers it in purple splotches

A founders of the federation 3 pack would also be awesome. Tellarite ships look good, and we could use an alien cruiser seeing as the vulcans have representation on the science branch and andorians on the tac branch. There's something comfortable about that idea, the trinity of three exotic ships for each of the three roles, representing a founding member of the federation, instead of nothing but all these human-sourced saucer designs. Nevermind that the URL is labeled "Arkonian ship," the model was reused for both species and I think a xindi species too.

Edit: And the guy talking about the Kumari's boxy shape was spot on, too. I clicked the ABC link like "...I don't know what he's talking about, they're not that dissimilar- OH MY GOD OURS ARE FRANKENMONSTERS IN COMPARISON TO THAT BEAUTIFUL MACHINE" The actual ship from the show is a work of art, why couldn't they have just completely ported that model?

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