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Meanwhile, however, might I suggest trying the Foundry. There, you can create missions to tell your own stories and make your own characters. Once created, you can then publish those missions for others to enjoy. The current Foundry system is by no means perfect, but it's good for getting your 'story fix', and they are often improving it.
Yeah, the fact that I am a Silver member is probably the only reason I've not looked into that yet, as my friend recommended those as well... Thank you for an advice, though!

MMOs are in a race to the bottom of the IQ chart in an attempt to garner higher populations. This trend will only continue and get worse until (in my opinion) this unsustainable bubble of MMOs pops and only the ones with the strongest support remain.

We're no longer in the days of old school RPGs, and Cryptic has to make extremely broad strokes to draw in players. "Surprise" encounters, decision-based character development, and other examples you mention are theoretically possible, but in the long run it's ultimately not viable. Players like you are rare and few. People in general do not want something new and exciting -- they want the same thing everything else has. Certain games break from this line of thought (like EvE Online), but for the most it's the industry standard.
See, and this is kind of what is wrong with nowaday's gamers - I've felt the developpers in general keep milking down the games, so they are that easy, that it's not even any challenge any longer, to play them. You see, aside of Star Trek, I am very competitive player, who enjoys challenge in my games. If I wanted to just passively consume, I'd watch the horrid stuff TV throws at us. But no, as a gamer, I want a challenging environment, where I am fully involved. However, yes, I do see the trend of this - and maybe it's the fact I am an older generation player, why my approach to gaming is different than the usual. My friend, who brought me to STO is of the same mindset as me, and we've had a lengthy discussion about how much STO could be even better, if certain changes were implemented - even if only as optional choices.

Cryptic has one of the most extensive character customization features, and in the industry their focus on character customization is their 'hallmark', which started in City of Heroes. That being said, despite that -- there are still shortcomings which you pointed out.
Well, yes, I just hope, that just because I am in minority here, they won't even consider it and they won't implement changes in terms of... bust sizes. As most guys here want bigger ones.. ><" But hey, when I enjoy playing more flat-chested, androgynnous, tomboyish woman, instead of some Barbie like model...

The image below is with the bust size slide to absolute minimum btw & the bust still looks so oversized, blergh.

Something is wrong on this pic...

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