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10-03-2013, 12:12 AM
(Looking out of the Starfleet Headquarters second story office window, Farrior, a stern and rugged black male with a clean shaven head and touches of gray in his goatee is observing over the campus grounds of several officers and cadets walking by. The skies are partly sunny... shuttles and other flight vehicles whizzing by in the distance. Standing with arms behind the back in military fashion. A female voice is heard after the chime of the communique sounds off in the office. )

Female Voice: "Admiral Farrior... you have a unscheduled visitor who wants to see you."

Farrior: (bewildered expression) "Hmm, I'm not currently busy. Send them in." -turns toward the door-

(The door opens and a lovely, slender mature woman with short blonde hair wearing a black and red fleet uniform enters.)

Hopkins: (gradual smile) "Try not to look like you're working too hard, sir." -walk up toward on each other-

Farrior: "Pam... (the two hug each other) I haven't seen you since you left the Arcanus two years ago. What brings you here??"

Hopkins: "It's an off week of my training sessions with the cadets -- so I thought I'd drop by. You look good Warrick."

Farrior: "Likewise... (gestures to Pam) take a seat. -walks over to the replicator- Computer, two glasses of french red bougelet. Vintage year - - 2389."

(Two glasses of wine appear in the replicator. Farrior grabs both and hands one to Hopkins. He then takes a seat on the vinyl couch next to her.)

Hopkins: -takes a sip- "Mmm... good year. And very smooth"

Farrior: -takes a sip- "Well, I don't have a bottle of the real deal currently. Ambassador Picard's wife Anij, gave me a couple of bottles during my time here. Great lady indeed. -pauses- So, taking the week off now?? You must be getting soft with the young upshots."

Hopkins: "Meh, maybe. But being cooped up with not much time for myself over the past year, I needed a bit of time. While I'm sure being head of strategic affairs has kept you occupied."

Farrior: "Given now that the Federation has been rebuilt and re-organized on the homefront and the tensions between us the Hegemony are diverted elsewhere into more pressing matters - - I now wonder where do I go from here." -Farrior and Hopkins both drink more of the wine-

Hopkins: "I know you Warrick. Running things behind a desk just doesn't fit you. You went through this before. The itch of being in the center seat is where you belong. -pauses- I'm willing to bet you've been eyeing one the newer refit class ships you spearheaded yourself."

Farrior: "The Soverign-Vesta hybrid series is the unofficial name. But I won't lie... I think I've done my time here to be honest. -hesitates in thought for a moment- I think a couple of days back at home in Boulder riding around the mountains might help me make things more clearer. -looks at Pam and smiles- Think you can handle a Clydesdale this time??"

- - To be continued
Admiral Warrick Farrior