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Star Trek: Aurelius

Set around the U.S.S. Aurelius, NX-93480 (looks something of a hybrid between the Vesta-classes and the Avenger-classes we see in-game).
A ship tougher and more heavily armed than anything Starfleet has ever built.

Starting 3 years before the Hobus supernova, the Federation and the Romulans are the only major powers left in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The heavy losses the Klingons took during the Dominion War and during a failed invasion of Romulus just after the Shinzon incident has forced the Klingons to withdraw to their core territory. The Cardassian Union is still rebuilding.
A cold war between Starfleet and the Romulans has ensured that Starfleet is building more powerful vessels, having been alerted by the massive Scimitars the Romulans are again constructing.
Later on we get an alliance between the Gorn and the Tzen-Kethi, which will replace the Romulans as main villains after the episode Hobus.
Meanwhile, the Borg are in full rebuild, invading both the Alpha Quadrant with more vast assaults, while also invading the Dominion. The Federation will support the Dominion in their efforts against the Borg, although the alliance isn't always easy.

What do we see?
Political intrigue a la DS9, space battles with that can lost as long as the fight in Nemesis (not like the DS9 2-quantums-and-the-Breen-explode, TNG kind of exploration, crew development, the occasional humor episode, and story arcs that can last a season, with every episode giving tiny bits of info until a bigger picture is formed. Ow,, and no techno babble!!!

Tbh: I'm thinking of actually writing this in a weekly story style on internet.
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