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08-12-2008, 01:09 PM
Will there be realistic travel times in space?
Travel times will be semi-realistic, with a focus on fun. Space is big, and it can take a very long time to travel great distances. That travel time can be impractically long. We will introduce transwarp conduit technology and worm holes to allow players to travel to distant sectors of the galaxy without needing days or weeks of gameplay to do so.
Can I play something other than a Captain like a Doctor or an Engineer?
Everyone is a Captain, (remember, if you command a ship, you are automatically a Captain), and you will command a crew, but that does not limit your role. Your character will still be able to choose from a variety of career paths, such as Engineer, Tactical Officer, Doctor, Science Officer, etc. Your career path is your root, and will affect your skills, and how you command your crew. Consider Jean-Luc Picard, Beverly Crusher, Worf and Kathryn Janeway. Picard was an archeologist and diplomat, Crusher was a doctor, Worf a security/tactical officer, and Janeway was a scientist. Each eventually choose a career in command and became ship captains. This does not mean the game will limit your ship choices based on your profession far from it. The examples are simply an example of how the game design was inspired.
WOOT!!!!! CS is so fast when making this game! and has noting to hide!! (besides release date) but iim loving this more and more every day. thats why i cant spend hours on the forums it would make me go crazy