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10-04-2013, 12:10 PM
*Waves*. Ben of playing A*I*O*N (for my fantasy fix..which I'd spell as one word but aparrently there is such a strong bit of pettyness on the part of Cryptic studio's that your not allowed to mention that product on the STO forums) and TOR (which is way way better then I thought it was!)

I've stopped playing STO entirely at this point.
I have an LTM, but I bought that to support the game way back when and specificly to play Klingon. (I have one fed toon, thats it, just one)
The lack of attention over the last 4 1/2 years as a KDF player have been beyond beyond. But I stuck with it. WE finally got a tutorial, and some exclusive content to build a decent KDF story line. We still have issues with ships, and KDF exclusive bugs. that are pretty obviously low priority. And frankly we had to make a very big stink just to get that much.

We got thrown a bone... it was pretty meaty as bones go that we've been thrown by the STO dev team.. and it was long long LONG over due.

I notice we don't even seem to have a whole lot of FED trolls wandering into the KDF forums section any more. (I just spent several hours parusing..damd there are a lot of Necro threads now.)

I don't know what the Klingon player count is like these days. Cryptic never says crap about 'em unless its after the fact.. and NEVER provide hard numbers... what they call their "Metrics" (which strikes me as a amazingly stupid policy considering STO really is way down the list on MMO player population and even further down the list on over all meter of the product... If you want to enlist your fan base... especially trek fans, you don't go telling them falsehoods or making up facts. Communications from certain members of the dev team have been amazingly deceptive, and dessemulative over the years.)

I don't object to Crypic making money.. that is after all WHY they do what they do.. Its not out of the goodness of their hearts. Its for a paycheck.. Like any job, being able to love your work is a bonus. But, this is America here, and being able to love your work is not an essential job perk.

I've given my ultimate vote on how Cryptic studio's has handled its product. On hows it treated loyal customers after 4 plus years that have generously dipped into thier pockets.
I've stopped giving them money, and when I get asked about what I think of STO as an MMO I tell the facts, and give my version of the truth.

"It stinks, the company model is entirely about greed. Overall the game has fairly lack luster game play with bloated obtuse game mechanics that is suffering heavily from stat creap. High end player content is loaded with obscure puzzle play that follows a pre programed script like a frieght train locked onto its tracks in typical fantasy MMO fashion.
It does have some exclusive mini games built into the main play but even those are starting to suffer heavily from stat creep. If your a trek fan, then its the only game in town for the forseable future. But it is far from being a first water MMO for a great many reasons. A lack of daring and boldness on the part of the executive team for the product, and a level of greed aimed soak thier customers for thier moeny that would make a Ferengi blanch in shock while delivering what is overall a very sub par product "

SO I am still firmly in the disenchated dept. I'll check back in once in a while with this game to see if theres been any real changes or improvements. But in retrospec and in all considered observation of STO development of KDF content and game play I honestly don't think that Cryptic is going to truely devote any more development into filling in the holes in the KDF ecperience and fixing some of the still major outstanding bugs any time soon. Play balance is a joke, and the factions players are now pretty much being told in all but words..

"Your job is to be the bad guys and get your ass kicked by the good guys. The Federation faction is going to get the very best ships, and the perks, and the advantages. The KDF players are not. And if you go out there and get your but kicked like a good bad guy we might throw something cool your way as long as it doesn't give you an advantage"

I'm tired of that attitude from cryptic studio's. My money goes to other games now.
Maybe when they start thinking like GAME DESIGNERS, with a concern for game balance, I might come back to playing STO. But I continue to see that the KDF faction is not recieving the ship types and lay outs to be competitive in PvP play (even if they are stuck with using existing art work) in spite of KDF players damd near getting on their knees and begging for some attention in that department.

KDF players are interested in KLINGON and KLINGON ALLIED content. They want ships that are better then what they have.. the Faction has gotten NO ships since the Bort, and some fleet ships.. but there are distinct bugs with ship skins and customization. The Faction wants more character costumes variety (just because!) progress there make geologic age look fast! There are also several outstanding costume bugs that have been in the game since launch. Persistant territorial PvP on an epic scale has been asked for since launch. Apparent progress has been somewhat south of nill. (asked by both main factions I might add)

I've gotten more and more critical of STO over the years to the point I just don't enjoy playing it anymore.

Disenchated just doesnt begin to say it.

I'll keep checking in once in a while. And I will log in and play the game when they pop the new season out. But its going to be awhile untill Cryptic gets any more money from me.

Now back to playing MMO's I actually enjoy..


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