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Originally Posted by lincolninspace View Post
I do agree with the last two posts. I think this is the direction Cryptic has gone with the Romulan faction. To compare all Romulans to the ones we have seen in Tng and DS9 would be like saying all Russians were like the KGB or all British are like M16 agents. These players are less formal they are like cowboys or the Firefly crew.
Without, hopefully, straying too far off-topic, Worf is a terrible archetype for Klingon characters, which should be expected since he was raised outside of Klingon culture. Worf is caricature of a stylized Klingon ideal, because he was raised with those images and values. But he's not a real Klingon. And we see that when he's around other Klingons. Where Worf is dour, humorless and infinitely honor-bound, "real" Klingons are lusty, fun-loving (in a rough sort of way), charming (in a very Klingony way) and willing to overlook minor infractions of honor if it's expedient.

I think we need to look at Romulans in the same way. The Tal Shiar are our Worf. We need to look for other examples in order to give a more well-rounded view of Romulan culture -- something I honestly think the LotR story-line attempts to do. That's not to say that we shouldn't consider the Tal Shiar stereotypes when developing our dialogue, but that it shouldn't be declared inside our head that "oh, THAT option is there to satisfy all the Romulan captains." Our thinking -- and our dialogue options -- should be broader when the opportunity presents itself.