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Without, hopefully, straying too far off-topic, Worf is a terrible archetype for Klingon characters, which should be expected since he was raised outside of Klingon culture. Worf is caricature of a stylized Klingon ideal, because he was raised with those images and values. But he's not a real Klingon. And we see that when he's around other Klingons. Where Worf is dour, humorless and infinitely honor-bound, "real" Klingons are lusty, fun-loving (in a rough sort of way), charming (in a very Klingony way) and willing to overlook minor infractions of honor if it's expedient.
I understand what you're saying about Worf to a certain degree, and I'm sure his up briging may have contributed to his attitude, but at the same time I think a lot of that is just Worf being Worf. I'm not really sure it's because he's not a real Klingon, and more that he's just kind of a rigid person.

Of course, that does go back to characters of a specific species still being individual people, with wide variations between them. I think the trouble with Romulans is that on screen they've always been an antagonistic species. They've never gotten the treatement of Klingons in TNG/DS9 and Ferengi in DS9, fleshing them out by having them play a large part of the show, shown from a more first person perspective. The truth is we don't have a lot of straightforward material to draw on.

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