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# 116 USS Calypso
10-05-2013, 07:08 PM

I would like to extend an invitation to fellow role-players who are interested in participating in a new fleet project. USS Calypso is an in game fleet/group based on the workings of one monarchy class Federation ship. The goal for this newly born role-play project is to create a character development driven atmosphere since all of the characters are members aboard the USS Calypso in character. We would love to capture that Enterprise feel with our own in character flares and twists.

This is not meant to be a group of fleet admirals and similar super ranks, but instead the crew of one ship. While we want to preserve a solid Star Trek feeling in our role-play, this is not an unreasonably strict group and we welcome role-players who may not have a lot of knowledge in the Star Trek universe so that they may learn along the way. We would love to hear your ideas upon joining, as you will help shape this project in its infant stages.

We are currently about 75% of the way to Starbase Tier I.

Thank you for your consideration,
USS Calypso (contact: @lolastrange, @dcoolest1neva)

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