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I understand what you're saying about Worf to a certain degree, and I'm sure his up briging may have contributed to his attitude, but at the same time I think a lot of that is just Worf being Worf. I'm not really sure it's because he's not a real Klingon, and more that he's just kind of a rigid person.

Of course, that does go back to characters of a specific species still being individual people, with wide variations between them. I think the trouble with Romulans is that on screen they've always been an antagonistic species. They've never gotten the treatement of Klingons in TNG/DS9 and Ferengi in DS9, fleshing them out by having them play a large part of the show, shown from a more first person perspective. The truth is we don't have a lot of straightforward material to draw on.
As examples of this. We have Taris and Toreth. Same race(Romulan), same actress(Carolyn Seymour), different characters. Then there's Dukat and Macet. Both are Cardassians played by Marc Alaimo.

Toreth was paranoid that the Tal'Shiar were constantly looking over her shoulder, she might have been right.... but she acted crazy all the same. Taris was a more calm individual, until her ship started to self destruct after catching an Iconian virus.

Macet was a rather honorable guy, sure he hid things from his opponents, but if he gave his word he kept it. Dukat was about as treacherous as you can get. Is there anyone he DIDN'T betray at one point or another?

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