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10-05-2013, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by captainpirko View Post
face it guys, the only way they're gonig to actually fix slavers is if we all jump onto the feddy forums and ask for a feddy version of the slavers. cryptic will then eventually come up with a romulan version of what we actually wanted, and be something like "reman raider Squadrons" and those will function exactly like the slavers. wait.... no, sorry. that's a horrible idea. romulans would then have raiders and we'd still have broken slavers even with the reman stuff working perfectly. no no no... we'll have to think of something else....

*goes back to pacing all evil mastermind like.*
Kind of like everything KDF being broken but the feds will eventually get fully working models lol. Kinda like statements being made by people still with cryptic that are still in high positions who said feds won't get battle cloak or carriers among other things but its all here now. The only thing left would be for them to get battle cloaks for defiant and galaxy-x.