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10-06-2013, 06:53 AM
Dear Spankda,,

I would like to throw our fleet as one of your choices. We are Liberty Task Force at We are an 18+ Tier IV fleet (Embassy/Dilithium Mine fully completed) with mature members that still know how to have fun. We are a very community based fleet and every member of the fleet has a voice. Because we are very community based registration through our website is required now to join but TeamSpeak 3 is still optional, though we do encourage its use.

We usually have enough players on to fill at least two STF's at any given time, we've also been known to fill a 20 man Fleet Action just by ourselves. If you do decide to join us you come to us at a very exciting time, we just restructured the fleet and ranking system to make for a better gaming experience. There are no true times you need to be on but we do ask our members to log into the game at least once every 60 days to know that you still play the game and are interested in the fleet. We feel this is both fair and reasonable. We are starting to setup a role-play section as well as PvP for those interested but neither is required if you're not into that. Promotions in the fleet are based on total contributions to holdings and access to all provisions stores starts at just 100,000 total contributions.

Be sure to visit our site and check our page to get to know more about what we stand for. Again, our fleet is only 5 months old so that should give you an idea of the organization level of this fleet. We have so much more planned for this fleet. We also have a KDF fleet with a cross faction chat. No we don't care what ship you fly or what you put in it. If you have anymore questions feel free to contact me directly at and/or friend me in-game at Grayfox@GrayfoxJames. Take care and hope to see you in space!

Beat Regards,
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U.S.S. Liberty, NX-942813-J, Science Odyssey Class
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