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10-06-2013, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by victorstella View Post
I was pretty patient over the summer when the stipend situation happened, but this is getting ridiculous. Out of all the stuff that needs fixing in this game, keeping track of a three digit number for lifetime members once a month has got to be one of the easiest fixes ever. I think it really is time for some accountability in the way of a transaction history, especially given the uncaring responses from "support".
totally agree!

Their "support" is non-existent. it should be called "no-support"
All they care about is the dollars they keep taking from us, and bringing out more broken content and measly cosmetic changes instead of fixing broken things and bug fixes. I use DX11 and i can tell you, the bugs i have come across in DX11 is a joke. seeing big colored boxes at the rift in Alpha centuari instead of the rift, depending on the angle you look at it from just as a starters. Their priorities are ALL wrong.