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01-05-2010, 08:14 AM
This is a quote from the first page of the article:

Star Trek Online has a pretty standard formula when it comes to PvE content. Episodes, as they've been dubbed, are just themed missions. I'm one of those terrible players that ignores the story entirely by default, and if that's you, you can easily navigate a mission without paying attention. For those who do read, there is a bit more depth there and lots of references to the lore.
Is the reviewer serious? Who plays an RPG and ignores the story? Just because there are other people playing online doesn't mean people should Zerg (for the record I don't like using that term) missions. RPG's are all about story.

That's like saying "who cares why we're here, just kill the red dots and you'll do fine."

You fight a fun space battle, you beam somewhere and do a mini-dungeon, then you beam back and fight another space battle. Hail the Admiral, collect the reward instantly and start on another mission.
How about some character development for the Admirals? Admirals aren't just different looking avatars with the same dialogue. "Thanks for completing the mission, go to the next sector." Admirals are a big part of the game, if they aren't already developed this is something Cryptic should consider updating.

From what I've read in other reviews and even later in the same article, the game looks very promising. I just hope there's more to missions than kill-and-retrieve.