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01-05-2010, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by Rekhan
Um, it was the holidays. Any interviews that showed up over the holidays were answered before then. Anything that's not an interview was written by people who don't work here, and we can't control their holiday schedules.
To be honest, with the release only about a month away, I would have had the team working straight through the 'holidays' and made sure they got a good rest after the release showed us all just how much Cryptic was willing to throw into the pot in order to please and entertain those tens, or even hundreds of thousands of players Pre-Ordering right now.

We know you folks are human, but you decided to release a game just a month after a major string of yearly holidays, that's not our fault, so don't fault us for asking why you have been slow for two weeks of anything info related.

There is never, under any circumstances, reason for a MMO company to provide slow or poor communication to it's player base. Even if the news is bad, we expect to hear it first hand and as soon as possible. We pay the bills, so we expect some reasonable compensation since we can't even play the great looking game yet.