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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
for those who don't get it, including the make it simple, slavers no longer pay back your investment.

not that complicated. also more towards the devs, you guys theory craft, you don't actually play. not as a reg player would. so you don't actually know what your changes actually do to gameplay. otherwise rep system, stabase systems, crafting systems would have been revamped a loooong time ago.

it's one thing to change drop rates, make the numbers look better, another entirely to fly with those slavers in missions and find out truly how worthless they are. and yeah, i get there is and so far it seems always will be attempts to reduce how much dil a player can gain, ever since s7 the gradual reduction of in game dil has been steady and unabated.

the cash generated from zen to dil conversion was just to appealing for some, or one, whomever is wanting the changes to slavers, missions, etc. and the amount of dil or potential earned through gameplay.

it's not subtle k? with the increase and new dil costs across every system, and reductions of in game ways of gaining dil...not subtle at all. put the greed a bit by the wayside eh? you already have enough issues that need addressed with end game grind vs variety and there are plenty of ways to make cash that do not affect in game systems.

cosmetics being one. both for ship and characters...yet for some reason you barely capitalize on this, it's a staple of many other f2p mmo's, and here it's mostly ignored. mark packs in the store another option that oddly no ones thought of, you introduce the grind intensive rep system...and no way to shortcut through it.

does the person who dreams up these things have almost no real experience in mmo's? or sales? at a guess...reasonably priced packs of marks would sell....quite well. no new off duty outfits in ages, except for romulans, the reman skins, nothing new for kdf or fed for ship cosmetics. even being able to add decals through the store would probably o over well, start with some of the old wwII ones from the bombers.

you have so many options, yet prefer to nuke in game systems...though it is easier than actually creating new i guess.
I approve this..... Just having the ability to "purchase" reputation completion IN the reputation grind would help my other characters....

so with one character at T5 rep across the board i could actually grind IN that completion a larger project which would give me a box to give to my other toons to unlock THEIR rep to T5....

or better still.... I'd love to see, more so than the cosmetic followers some actual Reputation CLOTHES in the REP system.... not like the gear... but I mean clothes, clothes........ Say i finish the Borg Rep.... Know what? Why not let me purchase a cybernetic "eyepatch" for my Orion?

Romulan Rep done? How about my Romulan character is able to unlock all those costume pieces that are BOFF bound.... Hevan's collar.... That one chick's medical coat.... so that I can wear those things....

Also, dead sweety.... approve your sig. *high five* ^-^