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Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
@ Tacofangs, (You are probably not allowed to answer any of these questions )

Just a few things I am curious about:

If you were in charge of naming it [the thing being discussed - from the images in blog#2], would you call it a Dyson Sphere or a Dyson Shell? (And really there is only one correct answer!).
Well, if I'm in charge, I'd call it a Taco Shell.

Yes, technically it's a Dyson Shell, but common nomenclature has dictated that a Dyson Sphere is what it is, and that's what we'll continue to call it. IMO, Dyson messed up his naming anyway, since his "Sphere" is just an array of satellites, and his "Shell" is a . . . sphere. . .

Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
The big grooves you see, I do not think you would be able to see them on something that big unless they were bloody enormous (bigger than a planet!). If it was up to you,would you make it completely smooth?

Also, why can we see it? It should be completely black,the sun being inside it,should make it difficult to see. (You know - no light / little light and all).
See here.

Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
And finally, if it was totally up to you,

XINDI [including aquatic] or CHANGELING playable race?
I think making Changlings as awesome as they should be, would be difficult and game breaking. So I'll go with Xindi Avians.

Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
A direct Dev response. That's got to be a first for me, even if it does come with attitude.

Whilst the concept and implementation is there, tell me, if you had the power and resources to create such an object, why would you even bother with a night time? What's wrong with an eternal, tropical paradise. You wouldn't need night. We have it cause of the way our planet orbits the sun, but in such the object that is a Dyson Sphere, it's a design chosen for implementation by the creators. Why bother?
If I had the power and resources to build such a thing, I wouldn't. It's a waste. You'd have to disassemble thousands of perfectly good solar systems just to get the resources to build this.
If I were forced to build such a thing, I would likely build a Ring World instead, as it is much simpler to maintain from a habitability standpoint. I won't go into it again here, I've been through all of that before in other threads.

If you're saying I'm forced to build a Dyson *Shell*, I would put in day/night cycles because they are biologically necessary to my species. Besides, eternal daylight leaves the whole world cooked. Night serves many purposes. (go ask any Tidally Locked Planets.)
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