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10-07-2013, 06:19 PM
I have read everyone's responses about the reputation and I am in full agreement in certain points and disagree in others. My opinion is that the reputation keeps players like myself interested. I don't mind grinding to get what I need but I refuse to sit in front of my computer and do it for hours on end. I will get there when it is time. I have the New Romulus, Nukara, and Task Force Omega completed and have benefited from the rewards that were given from the completion of the reps. I do agree that you do burn thru alot of exp points and resources when doing the reputation stuff. My biggest problem is that the grinding of the Starbase, Embassy, and Mine. I have not seen any benefit in these at all except for some very rare consoles. So I have stopped grinding for the fleet stuff and only will concentrate on the rep stuff from now on.

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