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The only place I ever get any consistent rubberbanding is in SP missions, such as story missions or Foundry, or even exploration missions. I never get so much rubberbanding as I do in places where it's to be expected, such as in PvE/PvP events, or crowded stations. Even mining on the Vlugta Asteroid during the Mining event is smooth as glass compared to the constant jittering and skipping I'm getting in a map where no one else is playing.

And now the RB'ing has bled into everywhere else. To give you an idea of just how bad it is, if I activated my Slipstream Drive in the Beta Ursae sector on the Zeta Andromedae side, flying towards the Sirius side, I'd only be able to cross a quarter of that length before the Slipstream dissipates, because I kept getting snapped backwards.

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