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10-07-2013, 09:20 PM
Okay I think I've found the reason I wasn't getting any contraband.

I looked at that loot table stuff in this thread and compared to a recent experiment.

I went into a foundry combat simular which had 25 waves, each with a single powerful fed ship like a Typoon or MSVP.

On the first regular phase I fought regularly, and most of the time the ship did not survive 15 seconds, and almost none survived 30 seconds. This allows for every few attempts.

Phase 2, I did not attack the enemies ships, my Elite Slavers did so alone, which I merely used fire on my mark occasionally, launched new fighters, and drew a fair amount of the enemies fire, but didn't fire off a single weapon.

This produced results. Over roughly a half hour or so I got 4 contraband, 6 common comdodities, and around a 1000 ec, when I almost always get nothing.

So the problem is that I normally kill most things too quickly, at 15 seconds my slavers get from 0 to 1 chance to loot at best.

I almost never have 30 straight minutes of pure combat, and only rare enemies like a unimatrix last for more then 30 seconds, most don't last 15 seconds even.

This is likely helping to distort peoples results.

Honestly I'm not sure what to do about it.

Thank you Borticus this makes things clear.

If I want to boost my loot rate all I have to do is change my play style, like remove all my weapons (I'm kidding).

In all seriousness I get plenty of prisoners and contraband and commodities from maurader assignments, more then I'm using right now, so what ever my Elite Slavers capture is gravvy. But I bought my Slavers more for the flavour anyways.

Still its fun sometimes to simply let my slavers chew a enemies up like piranhas on a hunk of meat..