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Originally Posted by cptskeeteruk View Post
Pretty bad quality in ds9 near exchange, i duno if im seeing the best of the textures or not, tho ds9 there has never looked particulary good there on the walls, sloppy texturing i think.

I get this with my 2gb 670 card latest drivers, win 7 64bit, using dx9 ingame, max details ingame 4x aa and tried with aa off same thing.

Can we get a reply to this. I have noticed particulary that textures take ages to load to high ones since last season or the lor expansion. Unless its a problem with keplar cards because i didnt have this on my old 570 card or not as bad. It had 1.280mb of ram but was fermi type of card.

I distinctly remember higher rest on the wooden tables on ds9 near exchange and on my kdf captains room the marble there was alot sharper but im lucky to ever see that higher texture these days even after just panning the camera around the table for 5 mins trying to get it to load.

Any help cryptic, does anyone in QA or devs read this section much?

I want my higher textures to load again please. I know they are there for some things but im not seeing them load like they used to.
I'm having the same problem, my card has 2gb on it, and at random i get
memory was low, using reduced textures (or something like that),
I have a quad core 2.66GhZ with windows XP64 bit and 4gb mem, (yes i know, outdated but sto ran excellent before the release of lor)
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