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10-07-2013, 11:28 PM
Two days later...
Location: Boulder, Colorado - Home Residence of Warrick Farrior
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(It is a nippy, early Tuesday morning. The sun rising behind the mountainous peaks. The multi-colored fall leaves scattered about on the ground. The soft rush sound of the cold creek covered within the mist. A couple of elk nearby feeding on grass and bark - - only to be startled by the nearby presence of a wolf. They scurry off into the forest with the wolf not far behind.

Farrior and Hopkins, both in civilian attire. Farrior sporting a black riding duster while Hopkins is wearing a short navy duffle ride along side each other on chestnut colored Clydesdales with white markings on their face, legs and underside of their bellies. They ride up further along the range for a short time more. They come to a stop to enjoy the view.)

Hopkins: -while her horse snorts and rustles her long mane- "Easy girl, easy. (pauses and turns to Farrior) Now, I see why you've grown attached here over the long years. Going from city boy to life near the mountains. Can't believe you have this much land to roam about."

Farrior: Well, its still less than a couple of miles from the city. Of course I'm not the only resident in these parts. We're well spread out and enjoy our quiet with visits here and there. (inhales the air) This is what I've missed most.

Hopkins: -looking outward at the mountain slopes in the distance- "That out there is no doubt a pretty sight."

Farrior: "You're looking at The Flatirons, Pam. We're on the side of the Green Mountains. But you haven't really seen its beauty unless you look at it during winter."

Hopkins: "I'm sure that it is Warrick.... I'm sure that it is. Must be a good thing to have your mother, cousin and a couple of hired hands to take care of things while you're away."

Farrior: -turns to Hopkins and smiles- "So have you thought about my offer?"

Hopkins: "We've been friends for long time and served together once before. You know I can't say no to you. (pauses for second) Provided if I'm your chief of security."

Farrior: -smirks- "You sure drive a hard bargain, Pam. Of course you got the job. Come on, lets have some breakfast. We have a command crew to assemble."

(Both Farrior and Hopkins pull the reigns of their horses and begin the ride back home)

Hopkins: "You have yet to tell me how Fleet Admiral Kim took your request for demotion to get your hands on the Excalibur."

Farrior: "Always appeal to the soft side of your mentor."

-To be continued-
Admiral Warrick Farrior