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10-08-2013, 01:28 AM
This thread is not asking for advice on a Science build for Tulwar, T'Varo, Dhelan or other Tac based ship.

It's not asking which ship and build is best for DPS.

It's asking for a Romulan Warbird - complete with singularity core and battle cloak - that has a Cmdr Sci Boff, SubS Targeting, sensor analysis, sci ship shield modifier, etc. As in, a Romulan Science Warbird.

Other ship classes and sci ships in the other factions - even if it's severly limited - offer a choice when it comes to Boff seating (ie ships). Rom science simply does not have this, not even in the form of a single ensign level universal boff station.

Where is the universal boff slot on the fleet Ha'nom?

Lock Box ships do not count for any faction for the sole reason that their availability is theoretically limited.

As for 'be patient', go talk to the Klingons about that...