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10-08-2013, 04:41 AM
It might be useful to add a "drop value" to each ship that is activated on destruction. Essentially, if you are contributing to a ship's destruction (using the current system that determines player loot/expertise drops) a set number of "loot chances" are given to the slavers you have launched.


Frigate (or probe) Destroyed - Each slaver executes 1 loot operation regardless of cooldowns. This can be up to 6 total loot chances per player.

Escort or Cruiser (sphere, nanite sphere or generator) destroyed - Each slaver executes 2 loot operations regardless or cooldowns. This would be 12 loot chances.

Battleship (Cube or Transformer) destroyed - 3 loot chances per slaver

Dreadnought (Tac Cube or Gateway) - 5 loot chances

Boss (Donatra, Assimilated Carrier, Unimatrix, Boss Tac Cube, CE) - 8 Loot chances.

The loot rate would essentially be tied to how many ships you destroy, rewarding active combat. Killing an STF boss would at maximum give 48 loot chances, which while decent is not overwhelming.