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10-08-2013, 08:29 AM
Yeah I have won it on pugs a few times, probably 50/50 chance. I won it in a 4-man pug once

The principle strategy is to setup a zone defense, with a combination of weapons and consoles for maximum effect. The #1 reason for losing is because people run around shooting each others spawn and then a flank gets overrun.

You also need to learn the timing of the different consoles. The explosives are instant and can wipe out large groups all at once but take a long time to prep, so when a kid runs around hitting all the consoles they just lost the map for you. The thermal/refrigeration console is very effective overall and requires the least support. The phaser console works fast but doesnt kill very quickly, luckily it covers a small zone so it doesnt need to be that great. The holodeck console doesnt work for anything, and so that flank is the hardest to defend. The warp plasma console only covers the doorway area and doesnt cover the corner area. Because of all that, the best zone coverage is put two players on the holodeck corner so that there is enough firepower to cover both of those flanks (because the consoles cant), and 1 player on the other corners. Cover your zone.

Use good armor, not the cheapest suit you could find
The CRM2000 from the Breen missions is pretty gun, so are the Omega rep guns, no shotguns please
2 on the holodeck corner, 1 on each of the other corners
STAY AT YOUR STATION and cover your zone
Time the consoles