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10-08-2013, 12:22 PM
Originally Posted by artimus2017 View Post
Time for a new Fleet was in another for quite some time ,same people had to do all the work all the time ,just wanted to get with players who share the load.
It might be a good idea to give fleets a bit more information to go on as to what it is you are looking for such as:
  • What faction is your character aligned with?
  • What time zone are you from?
  • What times of day do you tend to play?
  • What age group are you in?
  • Do you focus on PvE or PvP or do you do both and if what so what kind of balance?
  • Do you RP?
  • What size fleet are you looking for?

The more information you can provide about who you are and what you want the easier it will be for fleets to know if you would be suitable for them and if they would be suitable for you.