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10-08-2013, 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by captainpirko View Post
This has already been suggested! honsetly read the forums before you post! all you're doing is generating spam!

though i do support the thing with the thing. that was a nice touch and something the other topics never mentioned. things should have things. but that's probably why this would never happen, because if you gave things things, it'd become to to OP and theyed have to nerf it :<

(grammar in this sentence was intentional)

*slightly over the top and vitriolic response with obligatory eye twitch and spittle*

But, I digress.

I felt the subject needed to be brunged up agin.

If those other things hadn't been stealth-buffed, then the other things with the thing for the thing would have been just FINE! Thus, there'd have been no need for the thing what now needs the things for the things.

But NOOOOO! Someone had to complain.

Personally, I blame *points in random direction* HIM!