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10-08-2013, 05:15 PM
Anyway all fun and so on,

But possible to get an test for the 5000k channel? And while we are at it also for the 10k channel?

Pretty sure ill pass but never received an invite anywhere so thought wth. could be less frustrating to play stf s with peeps who know what they are doing right?

Edit: Really hope to get the change for a test off. I wont waste you guys time for that 10k channel or however its called above 10k for the 'Invite Only' channels.

Currently my Tac s char build is good for around 15 - 21k DPS depending on PUGS mostly. a2b build
If needed i also got a Cannon based build laying around somewhere capable of going to 11 - 14k mostly depending on pugs asswell 'but would need a minute to change ship/boffs for it offc.'

Also got an Sci build doing around 9 - 12k ish 'also depending on Pugs'
engy char around 14k
And some other chars going above 10k but which still are a work in progress

Reason for wanting to get an invite? Because im losing intrest in normal eSTF ing thx to well been there done that not a real challenge anymore, aint liking PVP neither for some reason. But i have intrest in doing speedruns 'with the clock as my challenge' which is only doable if you got decent teammates.

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