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10-08-2013, 07:33 PM
Kneel on the wall or on the consoles, that way if you get a radiation crystal thrown at you, the core doesnt take damage from it. It's a surprisingly large contribution to the overall damage done. Same applies to where you put your pets. Keep them a safe distance from the core. (cover shields are an exception)

If you catch a period where you have no incoming, dont leave your zone. Simply turn on the spot and give support fire to the two zones next to yours. One of the reasons you're all at the corners is to be a more interesting bullet magnet than the core. Being the first thing that the tholians see is an important part of that.

Try not to have a "floater" as this usually translates to "runs around making problems and not staying to fix them". The mines corner can be done naked if you have good timing, the phaser corner is usually bugged with tholians getting trapped on ceiling geometry, so its similarly relaxed. That makes the holodeck corner with its 2 consoles the natural place to put the 5th.