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Originally Posted by rylanadionysis View Post
No, that isnt it with many of these people. It is the same ones I see time and again, and ive even been invited to do it before.

Connection dropping might cover all of 2-3 out of 100 times someone leaves.
Agreed - it's most Fleet Mark farmers presenting as the problem here.

Example - played one earlier; we got to the 'Dreadnought' stage and three players immediately warped out, leaving myself and a Commander-rank player in the freebie Ambassador. Didn't seem a lot of point in continuing.

You can't tell me that all three of those players ALL experienced dropped connections within seconds of each other.

It happens MUCH too frequently, and is the result of a flawed system that awards points following the completion of each wave, but sadly only awards five or six fleet marks for completion of the Dreadnought stage. This ACTIVELY ENCOURAGES players to warp out so that they miss the cooldown on the mission and can queue for another instance where they can repeat the process.

It really needs to be revised so it's like the STF's - namely, you only receive a reward if you complete the entire mission.
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