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# 1 New Beam Weapon Type?
10-09-2013, 03:39 AM
We all know that cannons are probably the most popular weapon type in the game. All the leading escorts use them and now with the introduction of the Avenger cruisers will also be using them. Let's look at the different cannon types to start with, single canon, dual cannons, dual heavy cannons and then turrets (if you count that last one). Then for beams we have beam arrays and then dual beams. There's an obvious lack of choice when it comes to beams at the moment when compared to cannons so I have a proposal.

I present to you, the heavy beam array!

There are different ways we could go about this, for increased damage you could either reduce it's firing arc from 250 degrees to say 210? Or you could think back to Starfleet Command and make it similar to the standard and F type phasers, one fires quicker with less damage per shot or a slower firing rate for higher damage.

I know it's only a basic suggestion at the moment, but I think it would be nice for fans of beams to have an alternate type to use depending on their play style. I know Galaxy fans would like to see a beam array with the charge up effect like we saw in TNG instead of the little pew pew beams we have presently. Interested to know what you folks think.

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