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10-09-2013, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by z3ndor99 View Post
There is probably a good chance the new rep will have heavy beam turret arrays, anyone who has access to tribble would of experienced this weapon because of the voth using them, may only be antiproton but, would expect something like this for us in the voth task force rep ( annoyingly does mean new grind!!! ).
Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
Heavy beam arrays and beam turrets, plain and simple. Should have been in the game when it launched since it absolutely makes no sense at all it's not in the game...
Oh please for the love of Trek THIS!!! Do this Cryptic and it will be the most pleasurable rep.grind for me. I would hapily grind for heavy beam arrays and beam turrets. Just please, please make a phaser variation of them, I hate AP with a passion.

I realy hope this is brought on with the next rep., that Avenger with those tubes and the new cruiser comm arays just weep for setting up a beam boat.

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