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10-09-2013, 09:19 AM
I've Seen Countless times of this being done, and personally have NO problems with it. People here seem to disregard there are those out there that actually help out with the Named Siege Ship and THEN warp out. Heck, give THOSE people an extra 10 fleetmarks as far as I'm concerned. They don't HAVE to help out but they do (generally in my experience) and everybody gets their accoldaes.

This is NOT as big a deal as it's being made out to be. I kinda like buddies attitude there that everyone else is doing it wrong lol. But ya, I'll definately get flamed for that. Honestly who cares. It's a VIDEO GAME.

It's been said before, but i'll re-word it. If you LOSE the event, are you really gonna cry about 4 or 5 fleet marks? if you HAD intended on finishing it you'd have a 30 minute cooldown right? Makes no difference. There's probably lots of ppl that will leave at the end of wave 4 (ALSO only worth 4 or 5 marks). Heck, let's just all Beg Cryptic to let us gueue the event, sit there for that RIDICULOUS one minute "BRIEFING" crap, hell, i'll even watch the cutscene, and RIGHT THEN AND THERE recieve 47 - 53 fleetmarks so we can all leave.

There's a reason people try to find shortcuts in this game.
-Gold Pressed Latinum. (ok, who cares. it's a dead currency. how does a currency die?)
-Lobi Crystals. (I dunno. i'm not made of $$, and the amount of time required to grind dilithium to exchange to zen, or enough energy credits to buy enough keys to open enough lockboxes to get enough.... ya'know what.. I've had enough of Lobi. Keep your ferengi whip I don't need it.)
-Reputation system. OMFG!!!!! is 20 hours friggin necessary?
-Duty officer Reaching tier 4 in all areas (I think i'll be level 1 on Recruitment FOREVER)
-Starbases. (NUFF SAID)
-Energy Credits . (you CAN get them fast. but with everything going fleet who cares)
-Dilithium. (Have you EVER seen a mission reward REFINED? would it KILL them to ease up on the 8k limit by,,,, a LOT ?)

-And of course, Fleet Marks. One of the few things that yields a somewhat ALMOST decent amount of Fleet Credit. Heck, dilithium gets you like a 1:1 return? WTF? there's NO CAP on Fleetmarks of ANY KIND (YET) but friggin DILITHIUM gets you BOLLOCKS in return for contributing.

So to the Early Leavers I say Do it as MUCH AS YOU CAN, WHILE you still can. Because lord knows, When I work at my job full time for a thankless paycheque, all I REALLY care about is putting in just as much time and effort into my STO "game"..

Guess we can't call it a "game" cuz it's more like a second job...

Hey Cryptic! EASE UP on all the GRINDING crap in this game so that people don't start posts like this one ******** up a storm all because people are sick of cooldowns and grinding so they look for ways around it!

You've essentially killed the EC market once you release fleet tac consoles. Remember when you guys killed Gold Pressed Latinum? DERP! lol

Somewhere in all this mess is apparently a "GAME" where people have "FUN".
And yet all I see are countless forums with people complaining that they can't have fun because of one thing or another. Cryptic, can you turn this back into a GAME please?