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# 1 Free t5 base-access for all!
10-09-2013, 09:41 AM
Free FED/KDF t5 base-invites, cell/tuffli invites, boff-training, and more!
now one-year old and 10,000 members strong!

join an active channel free of ego, unnecessary rules, and heavy-handed moderation.
join the largest channel in sto!
join a channel that is public and not private!
join a channel where we share top tier holdings, freighter-invites, practical advice, and years of sto knowledge.

/channel_join NoP Public Service
(type that into chat to join the channel)

Nerds of Prey, REDdit Alert, House of Snoo, House of Beautiful, and many more fleets are here every single day giving away free invites, allowing you access to top-shelf mine, embassy, spire, and base store consoles, boffs, weapons, etc.

how does this work?
its the mechanics of sto fleet stores.
the base, the mine, the embassy, and the spire all work this way: you enjoy the access-level of the fleet that owns the terminal you are using, yet all your purchases are deducted from your own fleets pool of provisions. for that reason you must be in a fleet (any fleet), have permissions to use your own fleet store and your own fleet must have the provisions to cover whatever purchases you wish to make.

the only exception to this is fleet ships, which would require you to actually join the higher tier fleet and use their ship provisions. thats why 'free ships' require more patience.

FuturePastNow (one of the most prolific t5-inviters in sto) has gone into great detail regarding fleet-store mechanics.

channel rules:
1) no buying or selling, full stop. this includes anything that can even resemble a sale: no bartering, suggested donations, reimbursement for provisions, offering incentives, offering to pay, etc.
2) be polite
free jkname | /channel_join House of Beautiful
free t5 access for all!! | /channel_join NoP Public Service

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