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I think the borg are fine as they are, but I would like to know what skill or why my weapons/boff abilities go on random/continuous cooldown.

It is fine imo, but just like to know what they are doing and if there are any counters to it. I just hate it when I go to pop RSP and it is on 3 10sec cooldowns.
It's an ability Borg ships have called Assimilate. Basically, it's like the Boff ability Boarding Party, only they don't need to load their drones on shuttles; they just beam directly to your ship once your shields are down. While your ship has the Assimilate debuff, the drones are causing havoc on your ship, which can include randomly resetting the cooldown on your abilities.

The easiest way to counter is to use the Boff ability Tactical Team. It removes all boarding parties, including those attacking your ship via the Assimilation buff. You can either be preemptive with it and have it running as often as possible (which is a good idea as it has a lot of other bonuses to it), popping it once you see a shield facing or all of your shields go down (since the Borg tend to use it once they have an opening in your shields) or hold on off on using it until after you see that your ability CDs have starting going screwy/you notice that you have the debuff on your buff/debuff bar. (it's icon is a combadge with an orange border, I believe).

Also, as for the Borg shield depletion weapon, for escorts and science vessels, you do usually end up simply hull tanking things with a bare minimum of shields, but if you fly a cruiser, you can actually outlast the shield depletion. Equip Regenerative Shields of the highest Mk you can get, make sure your shield power is at least around 50, make use of the standard Aux2Bat builds to give additional power to all your systems including shields, and rotate around the Transfer Shield Strength science Boff ability and the Emergency Power to Shields engineering Boff ability. On my cruiser, if I've got all that running, my shields barely notice when the Borg shield depletion ability goes off, and it also helps reduce when I've got Assimilation teams running amok on my ship since, again, it seems like they can't beam drones over when you've got your shields up. Again, though, beating the shield depletion ability is likely only really possible for cruisers, since they already get an innate bonus to their shield capacity and have the flexibility with their power and Boff abilities to play a bit more defensively.