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10-10-2013, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Believe me, I know that very well.
But here's the thing - I very very very rarely use the same ships on miscellaneous characters. I only do this with the B'rel and Bortasqu' so far. That's my fun in having multiple chars. - having different ships with different roles.

So economically speaking, you're right if I consider using the Avenger on multiple chars. But since I'll probably be using her on 1 char, it's 1000 Zen cheaper for me if I go for the fleet one. That's because I'm planing on using and outfiting her in a way that will make 90% of the players here go "whaaaat?". So at the moment I think a VATA would be a waste of console space.
However, like I said, I will get feedback on it before I get one and if people I trust say the VATA is a good adition in game, I'll get the C-Store one first.
Plus if you're someone either with a ton of EC (or have no issues generating EC via Exchange item sales); you can pick up the Fleet version without spending a single Zen yourself.

(Although Fleet Module prices on the Exchange will probably rise quite a bit for the next few days.)
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