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10-10-2013, 11:59 AM
My compliments to JamJamz on the new starship achievement. I sure wish the ground game could get something this exciting, but that's a different thread. Visually, it was very hard to find something that was attractive on the Avenger (especially when viewing its profile), but I did love the look of the beam arrays. They match the look John Eaves went with for the Sovereign class. Can you please retrofit all Fed ship skins to have these updated arrays? The current ones on most ship skins look like thin lines of black molded glue.

Even though much of what CaptGeko comes up with these days makes me frustratingly cynical, he pulled a nice bit of awesome for this ship stat-wise. Kudos on that. Unfortunately, in spite of the new cruiser commands, the Avenger may end up killing whatever attraction in past cruisers was left, including the flagship Odyssey.

Still, congrats on finding a clever workaround with the limitations of your Trek license. If Kestrel ever gets the idea of putting in a lunatic Starfleet admiral flying an Avenger into a future STO mission, don't hesitate to give Peter Weller a call. ;-)