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Originally Posted by badname834854 View Post
I have given this statement some thought. I'd like to respectfully proffer these alternate viewpoints:

1) The CD on the RMC is high enough as it is. Potentially reducing it to 1:30 for the small subset of the population that actually has one wouldn't be a game changer.
2) The whole POINT of the RMC is that it isn't consumable, but we pay a price for it; a long CD. That said, it was put in the game for a reason as an incentive to buy-in to the game early. So, we DID pay for it in real-wrold terms as well.
3) Your points assume this all takes place in a vacuum..but it doesn't. - we would still have to sacrifice a valuable space doff slot for us to get it to work.

I appreciate that. Why not offer it something similar to the Exocomp? Like have it only reduce a little but of time?

Or have it offer only a chance percentage it will work, based on rarity? You could also apply this to the EPM. Just think of the creative builds that could be applied with that in would be kinda neat and force some people to consider that console as well...
Great, thoughtful points.

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