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10-10-2013, 10:27 PM
Who said it was for one charcter. I said make the lifetime sub buyable period!! Not everything in the zstore is single character. A lot is account wide... It would be a one time purchase.

And where did you get the 15 month thing.. Lifetime subs do not last only 15 months.

And, as simeion1 said, if you are already buying zen to get dil this is no different at all. It's just a different one time purchase with an return over your lifetime. 1k a day more return "if" you choose to go collect it every day....

at 3,900,000 that would take 3900 days to get back. That is 10 years for one character! That more than equals out the price of grinding for dil to get zen. Especially when the price fluxuates. Dill is now at 140 and rising. It can go up to 300. That is alot of dil grinding with a lot of appreciation and depreciation value. So it is very much the risk of the player. Everything else in the package people can grind for anyway. 300 zen here 1000 zen there. It's not a total washout(or any at all!). But it does let people focus on grinding for their other stuff(ships etc) afterwords. Which, remember, the stuff they just got for "free," they just ground the hell out of the game to get in that lifetime sub anyway. and anyone getting it probably already has maxed out or several lv 50 characters. And probably payed for alot of things already that he gains from a life sub, wether through previous grinding or acutal money! It's, at minimum, probably more beneficial for future play and new characters as content comes out.

But it does afford players a choice! The benefits from lifetime sub are not that overwhelmingly great, or questionable based on circumsntaces. Particularly when you think of the practicalities I mentioned above and since you will basically practically need to max out a few characters to get it from grinding which will already get you to likely buy certain upgrades before hand. But it is definetly useful for the reason stated above about future content or any other long term look at how you want to play the game! And if someone wants it they can then earn it! This is very nice for people who may not ever have the chance to pay 300$, which is a very real possiblity for probably a majority of players. This is F2P afterall. Even playing sub characters might think it's too much, and probably do!

It also leaves cryptic with the flexibility of any question to the value of the game compared to preceived money value of the sub. People will get this potentially through grinding if they don't can't or won't get it through money. Then they are in the game and worked hard for it. This means future investment in the game and long term potential players. If someong grinds this out they are being serious about the game and like it. Or for whatever reason are willing to grind that much for something that benefits them more afterwords than for what they already have worked for. And I think those people deserve the chance. And I think it's in Cryptics best interetst, in every way, to let them do it!

In the end this leaves one thing there. The greater potential lifespan and population of the game. And we should all know how much more important that is over all other factors. That is what make those other factors. That is what makes or breaks a game! Always satisfy your cutsomer first!

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