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10-11-2013, 12:20 AM
Um; I know this thread is a few weeks old however I have a valid useful; non-trolling response for you; after all this IS a support forum.

PWE/Crypic do not deal with their offers; it is just like any other F2P company. They contract our to a third party who manages that. Depending on who the offers you clicked are through you need to contact the provider of that service. Usually on those sites before you click a survey to go do whatever there is a "Contact Support" or "Report a Problem" option. Use those to contact the merchant who is in charge of the survey redemption. PWE will only refer you BACK to that company because they only get paid if that company gets money from the advertiser or place trying to get your business/survey/whatever. Plus; I hate to say this but you know understand the saying "Nothing is ever free". That does apply with Free to play gaming companies; after all PWE/any F2P company are in the BUSINESS of making money. it is the point of business after all.